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The Research Engineer: January, 1957 (46.7 MB)

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  • The Most Challenging Frontier
  • The South and the Atom
  • Nuclear Education at Georgia Tech
  • Fissionable Materials in Georgia’s Rocks

The Research Engineer: October, 1956 (48.8 MB)

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  • Clinical Use: Cobalt 60 Teletherapy
  • Industrial Development Research at Georgia Tech
  • Tech Receives AEC Loan

The Research Engineer: July, 1956 (40.3 MB)

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  • The Year of the Computer
  • Some Factors in the Choice of Basic Research Problems in Science
  • Industrial Market Research
  • A Versatile New Research Facility
  • A Typical Analog Computer Problem

The Research Engineer: April, 1956 (51.9 MB)

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  • Dr. Blake R. Van Leer and Research
  • Safeguarding of Trademarks
  • Dosimetry and Instrumentation
  • From Fishing Roads to Antennas

The Research Engineer: January, 1956 (46.6 MB)

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  • Georgia Tech’s Current Nuclear Program
  • The Nuclear Science Committee
  • Cobalt 60 Teletherapy
  • Tech’s Needs for a Nuclear Reactor

The Research Engineer: October, 1955 (73.9 MB)

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  • Research in Industrial Development
  • Manpower Utilization
  • How Personnel and Industrial Psychology Can Serve Industry

The Research Engineer: July, 1955 (60.1 MB)

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  • Ears for Computers
  • The Computer Center
  • Microwave Spectroscopy
  • American Engineering Education, 1880-1955

The Research Engineer: April, 1955 (47.4 MB)

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  • Electron Diffraction in Metallurgical Research
  • The Computer Center
  • EESential Information
  • The Italian University – Some Observations

The Research Engineer: January, 1955 (46.3 MB)

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  • Electronic Computing Machines
  • Computer Chronology
  • A Device for Calibrating Radiological Instruments

The Research Engineer: October, 1954 (47.6 MB)

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  • Naval Stores Industries – Research Needs
  • Underwater High-Speed Photography