EES Notes

33 EES Notes documents
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Dec, 1979
  • Georgia Tech Storm Study May Improve Predictions
  • Applied Research In Command and Control Support Systems
  • Computer Braille Display Opens Jobs for Visually Handicapped
  • Georgia Poultry Processor Boosts Energy Efficiency
  • Small Appalachian Industries Get Free Energy Assistance
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Oct, 1979
  • Tech-Designed Combustion Device Produces Clean, Cheaper Energy
  • President Carter Attends Energy Briefing at Tech
  • Tech Opens Office in Phillipines
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Aug, 1979
  • Joint Legislative Committee Attends Biomass Dedication
  • New Radar Technique Improves Weather Analysis
  • Tech Report Recommends FCC Alter Regulations
  • New Computer Language Introduced at Tech
Engineering Experiment Station Report: July, 1979
  • Advisory Council Conducts Annual Station Review
  • EES Begins Research Operations in Huntsville
  • Solar Energy Seminar Big Success
  • Georgia Tech Studies Wood Fuel for Industry
  • Tech and NASA Design System to Help Save an Endangered Species
Engineering Experiment Station Report: March, 1979
  • President Carter’s Speech Reflects Research Urgency
  • Tech Uses Plastics to Improve Georgia’s Roads
  • EES Research Demonstrated for Chinese
  • EES Uses Radar to Detect Voids Under Highways
  • EES Helps Georgia Industries Reduce Fuel Costs
Engineering Experiment Station Report: March, 1978
  • Energy Costs Forecast Makes Energy Efficient Homes Better Buy
  • Structural Steel Paint Under Study
  • Broadcasters Enlist Georgia Tech to Improve UHF TV Antenna Performance
  • Tech at Work on Timber Process and Wood Energy
  • Cost Benefit of NASA Remote Sensing Technology for Georgia Being Analyzed
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Aug, 1977
  • Conversion of Wastes to Useful Fuels
  • Tech Scientists Study Thunderstorms
  • Project to Help Communities Manage Future Energy Crisis
  • EES Conducts Program for Indonesian Information Specialists
  • Tech Scientists Prepare Intense Atmosphere Study
Engineering Experiment Station Report: June, 1977
  • Nation to Benefit from Georgia Tech Industrial Co-Siting Research
  • Tech Program Aids Business Development in Georgia
  • Scientists Assist Georgia Motel and Restaurant Owners
  • Tech Helps Minority Businesses
  • EES to Study Energy Conservation for Poultry Processing Industry
Engineering Experiment Station Report: March, 1975
  • DeKalb Officials Visit Blue Three
  • Assistance on Energy Problems Available
  • Researchers Study Cotton Gin Waste
  • Tech and EES host International Conference on Techniques and Methodologies for Stimulating Small-Scale Labor-Intensive Industries in Developing Countries
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Jan, 1975
  • Conservation of Fuel by Industry
  • Alumina from Kaolin Developments
  • Pacemaker Research Continues
  • Research at EES: Prospects for Using Solar Energy in Georgia