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96 GTRI Connector documents
GTRI Connector: Oct, 1990
  • Boats the Fly
  • Built-in Test Routines Analyze Chip Susceptibility to Interference
  • Tech Awarded 17 Patents this Year
  • Poultry Industry Lauds GTRI Research Efforts
  • Tech Plans New Export Technical Assistance Center
GTRI Connector: Sept, 1990
  • GTRI and BellSouth Team Up
  • Passing the Test for Circuit Cards
  • Aeroacoustics: Learning by Doing
  • Students Work on Varied Acoustics Problems
GTRI Connector: Aug, 1990
  • Architecture and GTRI Cooperate on Construction Research Studies
  • ’Gunga Ben’ Looks at Industrial Extension in India
  • Desktop Publishing: A Tool for the Research Environment
  • Georgia Tech Shows Environmental Awareness
GTRI Connector: July, 1990
  • World’s Largest Compact Range Now in Operation
  • GTRI Helps Navy Protect Bases from Intruders
  • Sensor Fusion in Target Recognition
  • Badge Access System Will Protect GTRI Buildings
GTRI Connector: May, 1990
  • New GTRI Organizational Framework Announced
  • GTRI Appoints State Advisory Board
GTRI Connector: April, 1990
  • Advanced Automation Lab Opens in Centennial Research Building
  • Spauschus Assesses Years at GTRI
GTRI Connector: March, 1990
  • GTRI Helps Attract Top Students to Georgia Tech
  • Crowe to Direct Internal Research: Spauschus to Retire
  • Probing the World of the Infinitesimal
GTRI Connector: Feb, 1990
  • The Radar and Instrumentation Lab Gets NASA Contract for Acoustics Research
  • Conductive Caulk Undergoing Air Force Tests
  • Faculty Wooed for Industrial Extension Assistance
  • Norwegian Chemist at the Energy and Materials Sciences Laboratory
GTRI Connector: Dec, 1987
  • Technology Area Guidance Teams Selected
  • Economic Development Lab Starts Radon Program
GTRI Connector: Oct, 1987
  • FY 1987: A Year of Transition
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition: A New Way to Make Less Brittle Ceramics
  • Norwegian Scientist at Electromagnetics Lab for Sabbatical Year