GTRI Connector

96 GTRI Connector documents
GTRI Connector: Feb, 1995
  • Olympian Task: ‘FutureNet’ Will Boost Campus Bandwidth
  • German Scientist Helps Establish Collaborative Work with GTRI
  • Internal Research Update: Traffic Management to Human Visual Perception
  • Biomedical Collaborative Research Grants Available
  • GTRI Expands its Own World Wide Web Site
GTRI Connector: Dec, 1994
  • Keeping Track of State Property – Working with Your Property Coordinator Makes it Efficient, Easy
  • How Do I Dispose of Old Versions of Software and Manuals?
  • Employees Lunch-N-Learn About Olympics
  • Internal Research Update: FutureCar Paves the Way for New Technologies
GTRI Connector: Oct, 1994
  • Solar Cells to Noise Control: FY95 Internal Research Projects Funded
  • GTRI Records Second-Best Awards Month in its History
  • Warner Robins Field Office Runs Lean, Stays Busy
  • Software Tool Could Help Lower Cost of Personal Communication Systems Installation
GTRI Connector: Sept, 1994
  • GTRI Records $78.5 Million in Awards During FY94
  • White House Science Advisor Gets Science and Technology Update
  • Countdown to the 1996 Olympics
  • Fully Automated Fog Detection & Warning System to Improve Safety on I-75
GTRI Connector: Aug, 1994
  • Defense Conversion Office Up and Running – Involves GTRI, Academic Researchers, Industry and Others
  • Inflatable Fingers, Computer Intelligence Help Low-Cost Robot Handle Poultry & Other Processing
  • Researchers Develop Improved Process for High-Temperature Carbon-Carbon Composite
  • Clough Returns to Alma Mater as its 10th President
GTRI Connector: July, 1994
  • GTRI Arlington Office Expands
  • GTRIers Help Community – You Can Join Them
GTRI Connector: June, 1994
  • Truly Reviews GTRI’s Progress at First “Brown Bag with the Boss”
  • Portable Flight Planning: FalconView Brings Aerial Maps to Air National Guard Pilots’ Laptop Computers
GTRI Connector: May, 1994
  • Initiative Funded, Will Assist Georgia’s Food Processing Industry
  • EquiTech in Action Around Campus
  • Growing Future Colleagues in Science, Math and Engineering
  • GTRI Employee Organizes WISE Women at Georgia Tech
  • Renowned Astronomer Discusses, Displays Hubble Improvements
GTRI Connector: April, 1994
  • Team Effort Results in Streamlined Cost Reports, Savings
  • The Science of Speed: GTRI Helps Give Students Close Look at Race Car
  • Keep that Computer Companion in Your Office
  • Researcher Helps Multi-chip Module Designers Avoid Harm from Electromagnetic Interference
  • Predicting Aircraft Fires: Neural Networks May Help Analyze Risk, Find Hidden Patterns
GTRI Connector: Feb, 1994
  • Defense Conversion Working Group Begins 1994 Action
  • Getting Started on E-Mail
  • Shackelford Fellows Program Announced