GTRI Connector

96 GTRI Connector documents
GTRI Connector: Aug, 1997
  • Internet2 Holds Promise for Researchers
  • GTRI’s Newest Lab: Arlington Research Laboratory
  • Modeling Tomorrow’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Recycling on Campus: Here’s How
GTRI Connector: July, 1997
  • GTRI Records Best Awards Year in History
  • New Pattern Recognition Successfully Tested with Mammograms
GTRI Connector: June, 1997
  • GTRI Requests Continuation of Operations under PMC and APLC
  • Heli-STAR Tests Vertical Flight Transport in Urban Areas
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Technology Division Holds Open House
GTRI Connector: April, 1997
  • FalconView is Finalist in Worldwide Competition
  • Reclaiming Brownfields for Communities
  • GTRI Thanks Truly for Service
  • Georgia Transportation Institute Funded
GTRI Connector: March, 1997
  • Truly Heads to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • AERO: Aeronautics and Advanced Transportation, Acoustics and Aerodynamics
  • Potential IEEE Senior Members Sought
  • EDI Links Small Businesses with Georgia Tech Researchers
GTRI Connector: Feb, 1997
  • Learning from the Birds and the Bees to Design “Micro Air Vehicles”
  • SEAL: Antennas, E3, Radar and Undersea Acoustics
  • Lunch ‘N Learn Offers Insight into GTRI Opportunities
  • ELSYS: Electronic Systems, Electromagnetics, Research and Training
GTRI Connector: Dec, 1996
  • Ahoy Mate! Software Piracy is Serious Business
  • ITTL: Communications, Networking, Computer Science, Information and Manufacturing Technology
  • Smiths Computerize Testing for Elementary School
GTRI Connector: Oct, 1996
  • Millimeter Wave Rotman Lens Offers Electronically Scanned Antenna
  • Silent Auction to Benefit Scholarship Fund
  • Aquatic Plants May Defuse Soils Contaminated with TNT
GTRI Connector: Sept, 1996
  • New Model Will Assess Software Engineering Process
  • New GTRI Fellows Named
  • Our Paralympic Experiences
  • Currie, McMillan Apply Research to Help Law Enforcement
GTRI Connector: Aug, 1996
  • Our Olympic Experiences: Famous People We Met
  • ELSYS Thanks Supply Services Team for Continued Service