Warfare simulation aims for realism

Training aircrews for warfare can be cost and time-intensive. Researchers at GTRI's Electronics Systems Laboratory developed a way to supplement existing training with an affordable and convenient training aid — the Electronic Warfare Rangeless Embedded Training System.

Continual advances in high-tech air-warfare systems have created a growing, ongoing need to train servicemen and women who operate them. Training is primarily conducted at outdoor test ranges and in cockpit simulators. Both are expensive to operate and not always conveniently located, increasing training time and costs.

GTRI's Electronic Warfare Rangeless Embedded Training System provides a closed-loop simulation of air-defense environments to facilitate in-flight combat training and mission rehearsals for aircrews. Realism is key to its effectiveness; the system integrates many threat simulations into the air platform, just as they would occur in a real combat situation.

The GTRI team was also developing a common threat database application to support the training system in the MH-53M and C-130 aircraft. The complex software management system will incorporate the full spectrum of enemy tactics and training levels — from highly trained, well-integrated air defenses to the less-predictable behaviors of poorly trained air-defense operators.

As a training-on-demand system, it includes a training mission playback capability to support instructor scoring. The system can be used in conjunction with traditional training systems.