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EES Station News: September, 1977
  • Supplementary Funds for Foreign Travel
  • Office of International Programs Hosts International Conference in Guatemala
EES Station News: August, 1977
  • EES Scientists to Explore Man’s Impact on the Atmosphere on a Global Scale
  • Havlicek and Team to Study Sewage Sludge Phenomenon
  • Wood-Energy Research Center Proposed for Georgia
EES Station News: July, 1977
  • Presentation on LANDSAT for Governor Busbee
  • New Office of International Programs
  • Nuclear Research Center
EES Station News: June, 1977
  • EES Continues to Reorganize
  • Wood Energy Seminar Held June 6-7 in Atlanta
  • Spurlock Participates in NASA Ames-Stanford University Summer Study
EES Station News: May, 1977
  • Station to Station
  • Living with the Energy Crisis in the Plant and Office
  • Dr. Grace Attends Meeting with States on the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) Regional Network
EES Station News: April, 1977
  • Drinking Water Study
  • Industrial City Concept Study
EES Station News: March, 1977
  • Two Labs Reorganize
  • Neutrino Research Continues at EES
EES Station News: February, 1977
  • Ben James and Dick Johnson Receive 1976 ABOU Awards
  • Energy Briefing for State Legislators
  • Engineering Education Meeting Discusses International Programs
EES Station News: December, 1976
  • Atmospheric Sciences Branch Study Lasers, Air Pollutants
  • Tech Display at Georgia On Parade
EES Station News: November, 1976
  • Man-Made Computer Simulates Radar Targets and Clutter
  • EDL Focuses on Economic Opportunities for Women
  • Wind Energy Conversion at Georgia Tech