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EES Station News: June, 1983
  • Choctaw Tribe Gets Economic Development Lab Assistance
  • Technology Applications Lab Completes Biomass Fuel Studies
EES Station News: May, 1983
  • EES Gains Visibility at Hanover Fair
  • Technology Applications Lab Central American Industry Conserve Energy
  • Radar Course Draws Large EES Crowd
EES Station News: April, 1983
  • EES Holds “Best Ever” External Advisors’ Meeting
  • Radar and Instrumentation Lab to Open Eskimo Camp
EES Station News: March, 1983
  • Cancer Therapy Equipment Ready for Evaluation
  • Water Splitting Experiment in Progress at Solar Site
  • Radar and Instrumentation Lab Develops State-Of-Art Millimeter Wave Radar System
EES Station News: February, 1983
  • Bridge Paints Get Energy and Materials Sciences Lab Study
  • Economic Development Lab Starts Rural Assistance Program
EES Station News: November-December, 1982
  • Technology Applications Lab Renewable Energy Project Starts in Sudan
  • Water, Water Everywhere
EES Station News: October, 1982
  • Solar Power Tower Makes History Again
  • Millimeter Wave of the Future
  • Residential Photovoltaics Study Begins
EES Station News: September, 1982
  • New Firms Try Wings
  • Technology Applications Lab Counts Chickens After They Hatch
  • Army Under Secretary Visits EES
EES Station News: July-August, 1982
  • Economic Development Lab Economists Design Energy Forecasting Model
  • Infrared Technology May Power Satellites
  • Systems Engineering Lab Upgrades Radar Warning Receivers
EES Station News: June, 1982
  • External Advisors Praise EES
  • EES to Assess New Landsat
  • EES Testifies on Energy Needs