EES Notes

33 EES Notes documents
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Jan, 1982
  • EES Selected as Major Solar Energy Center
  • EES Assists in Ozone Depletion Research
  • Small Minority Firms Helped by Station
  • Innovative Wood Energy System Featured on NBC
Engineering Experiment Station Report: July, 1982
  • VSLI Technology Research Effort Growing at EES
  • Energy Forecast Model Assisting Nation’s Utilities
  • Solar Electric Application Successful
  • Advisory Group Helps EES Chart Future Direction
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Oct, 1981
  • EES Helping Poultry Industry in Georgia
  • Station Doing R&D for Poultry Firms
  • Wiltse Co-edits Millimeter Waves Text
  • EES Develops War Games Technology
  • Radar Application Could Improve Safety in Mines
Engineering Experiment Station Report: July, 1981
  • Geoprocessing Speeds Mapping Process
  • Station Designing Energy Integrated Farm in Georgia
  • EES Active in Computer Geoprocessing
  • Energy Will Be Produced on Farm
  • Corporate Liaison Program Underway
  • EES Helping to Simplify Defense Systems
Engineering Experiment Station Report: May, 1981
  • EES to Manage Research Institute Based in Ireland
  • Airborne Labs Developing Active Anti-radar System
  • Station Now Has Two Flying Laboratories
  • Georgia Tech Leader Opposes Drastic Energy Conservation Budgeting
  • EES to Guide R&D Center
  • Station Does Testing for Space Station
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Mar, 1981
  • Multiple Building Computer System Conserves Energy
  • Large-scale synthetic fuel conversion system planned
  • Station Tests UHF Receiving Equipment
  • Careful Planning Can Ease Import Competition Threat
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Nov, 1980
  • High Tech Industry to get EES Backing
  • Computers May Enhance Nuclear Safety
  • Student Designs Spiral-Shaped Solar Reflector
  • High Tech Center Coming to Tech Campus
  • Nuclear Control Room Computer System Designed
  • Energy, Materials Analysis Problems Often Interrelated
  • EES Conducting Major Course in EW Software
Engineering Experiment Station Report: July, 1980
  • Tech Researchers Tour European Labs
  • Engineers Help Industry Solve Problems
  • Russian Research Quality Rated Highly
  • Solar Reactor Might Produce Syngas
  • Industrial Outreach Serves Georgia
  • Millimeter Waves to Change War Tactics
Engineering Experiment Station Report: April, 1980
  • Organ Thawing Technique Sought at Tech
  • Water Pump Tested for Third World
  • Solar Promoted for Industries
  • Tech to Design System for Class
  • Researchers Help Algeria Develop Solar
Engineering Experiment Station Report: Feb, 1980
  • President’s Gasohol Plan Needs Time, Says Economist
  • EES Researchers Study Microstructure Science
  • Solar Tech Facility Gets New Projects
  • Tech Studies Minerals Crisis