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GTRI Connector: Aug, 1986
  • Artificial Intelligence Aids Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Computer Services Enhanced
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
GTRI Connector: June, 1986
  • Sudanese Take Training in Marketing at Georgia Tech
  • Molecular Sieves Capture Interest
GTRI Connector: May, 1986
  • The Systems and Techniques Laboratory Receives Largest Contract in GTRI History
  • Lignin: A Natural Solution to a Man-Made Problem?
  • Getting Starting In Artificial Intelligence
GTRI Connector: April, 1986
  • The Electronics and Computer Systems Laboratory Will Build Unique Airborne Tracking Antenna
  • The Radar and Instrumentation Laboratory Directs Large Measurements/Analysis Program
  • Environment, Health and Safety Conference Calls for Cooperative Effort
  • Intelligent Systems Research Helps U.S. Industry Compete
GTRI Connector: March, 1986
  • The Electronics and Computer Systems Laboratory Assists NASA with Space Station Research
  • 3-D Sound Cues: Help for Aircraft Pilots
  • Egyptian Industry Gets Help from GTRI Office in Cairo
GTRI Connector: Feb, 1986
  • Solar Heating of Salt Holds Promise for Power Generation
  • GTRI’s Research Software Training Facility Trains 1,900 Students in First 18 Months
GTRI Connector: Dec, 1985
  • Electromagnetic Test Facility Starts Tests in December
  • Computer Technology and Applications Division Develops Expert System for Architectural Firm
GTRI Connector: Oct, 1985
  • Labs Awarded $4.8 Million for the Strategic Defense Initiative
  • Symposium Speakers Warn of “Passive Smoking” Dangers
  • Economic Development Laboratory Winds Up Assistance in Central America
  • Integrated Circuit Technology Advances Spur Research
GTRI Connector: Sept, 1985
  • New Technical Assistance Center Starts
  • Tickets Available for B.F.Skinner Talk
GTRI Connector: Aug, 1985
  • Environmental Research Burgeons at EDL