GTRI Connector

96 GTRI Connector documents
GTRI Connector: Jan, 1992
  • Assessing the Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Space Rigors
  • Oracle Database System Helps Human Resources Automate Applicant Tracking Tasks
  • Agnes Scott Students Work in Zeolite Lab
  • Facts About Patents
GTRI Connector: Dec, 1991
  • GTRI Conducts “Hands-on” Smart Munitions Training Course for Army
  • Going Global for Business Gross
  • Manufacturing Research Center Opens its Doors
  • Researcher Views East German Radio Technology
GTRI Connector: Oct, 1991
  • Huntsville Lab Assists Army with Unmanned Ground Vehicle R&D
  • Georgia Tech Influence Felt in Korea
  • Scientist Exchange Program with Denmark a Success
GTRI Connector: Aug, 1991
  • Doppler Processor Offers Versatile Tool for Testing Radars and Countermeasures
  • Getting the Lead Out
  • Federally Funded Research in Universities: Impact of Proposed OMB Indirect Cost Provisions
GTRI Connector: June, 1991
  • Senior Technology Guidance Council Working to Support GTRI Research
  • GTRI Airplanes Sold
GTRI Connector: May, 1991
  • Researchers Discover Chip Failure Mechanism
  • High-Definition Systems Task Force Seeks Ideas
  • Scientific-Atlanta Donates Microwave Receiver
  • Scientific Visualization Lab Open to GTRI Staff
  • GTRI Opens Offices in Warner Robins
GTRI Connector: April, 1991
  • What Can You Do With Old Tires? Use Them to Clean Up Wastewater!
  • Georgia Tech to Host Student Aerial Robotics Competition
  • Bulgarian Researcher is Helping Her Home Country Understand its Environmental Problems
  • Student Round Table Fosters Leadership
GTRI Connector: March, 1991
  • Tech Leases Former Earth Station at Woodbury
  • GTRI Launches Bold Plan for Marketing
  • Tech Helps Community with Civic Center
GTRI Connector: Jan, 1991
  • Research Awards Recipients Honored
  • GTRI and the Gulf War
  • Business Assistance Programs Receive Federal Continuation Funding
  • Tech Heads Indoor Air Consortium
  • Centennial Research Building Goes On-line in Tech Recycling Program
  • GTRI to Evaluate Soviet Electron Microscope
GTRI Connector: Dec, 1990
  • Director Don Grace Reports on GTRI’s Health
  • Tech Launches New Optical Research Center
  • Tech Complimented on Security Program
  • GTRI Focuses on Quality