GTRI Connector

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GTRI Connector: Jan, 1993
  • Research Awards Honor 19 Employees
  • GTRI Looks at Human Factors in Advanced Traffic Management
  • GTRI and the Art of Bicycle Commuting
  • High School Student Builds Radar with GTRI Help
GTRI Connector: Dec, 1992
  • Expanding Industry-University Cooperation: MHRC Celebrates Ten Years of Technology Transfer to Industry
  • Tunable Diode Laser Technology Aids Research in Atmospheric Chemistry
  • New Director Richard H. Truly Sees Bright Future for GTRI
  • GTRI Has New Washington Office
GTRI Connector: Oct, 1992
  • GTRI Researchers Explore Uses for Wavelets as their Popularity Grows
  • Program Puts Junior Researchers on Fast Track
  • Staff Members Teach Tech Freshman Lab
  • Georgia Tech and Medical College of Georgia: Partners in Biomedical Research
GTRI Connector: Sept, 1992
  • GTRI Makes Major Administrative Changes
  • Taking Control of Control Systems: New Algorithm Adds Certainty to Process
  • Co-op Program Contributes to GTRI Research
  • NATO Meeting is ‘Cloak and Dagger’ Experience
GTRI Connector: Aug, 1992
  • GTRI Wins Top Security Award
  • Understanding the Lower Atmosphere
  • Aerial Robotics Competition: It’s More than Just Flying
  • New Radar Booklet is Marketing Tool
  • Improved Antenna Testing: Takes Less Time and Money, Produces Better Results
GTRI Connector: June, 1992
  • Air Force Contract Opens ‘A New Era for GTRI’
  • New Radar Warning Receiver Faster, More Accurate
  • RMP Provides Oracle Capability
GTRI Connector: May, 1992
  • Salaam, Bombay…and Madras!
  • 2nd Annual Aerial Robotics Competition Coming up in June
  • Miracle Fibers Produced Through Continuous Coating Process
  • Make Your Job More Secure
GTRI Connector: April, 1992
  • Giant Field Probe Ready for Delivery to Army Outdoor Range
  • NATO Seeks Technology Forecasts
  • Emerging from the USSR
  • Writing Tips for “Hungry Samurai”
GTRI Connector: March, 1992
  • Tech Bats 1,000
  • U.S.-Russian Exchange Results in Agreements to Explore Joint Venture Possibilities
  • Playing a Role in the Wireless Revolution: GTRI Researchers Form Company to Market New Class of Broad-Band Antenna
  • The Unlikely Graduate Student
GTRI Connector: Feb, 1992
  • Wind Shear Radar
  • A Better Indoor Environment
  • Russian Technology for Sale
  • Surplus Property Finds Good Homes