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1989 Economic Impact of the Georgia Tech Research Institute

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  • Methodology
  • Research Impacts
  • Research Spinoffs from GTRI Activities
  • Impact of Activities Internal to Georgia's Economy

Provisions for Research Related to Health Sciences: The Georgia Tech Research Reactor

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  • Neutron Therapy
  • Medical Advisory Committee
  • Description of the Reactor Facility

Solar Energy Research

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  • First International Solar Research
  • A Bench Model Solar Steam Generator
  • Tech's Model Solar Furnace
  • Thermal Storage Subsystem Research Experiment
  • Five Megawatt Solar Thermal Test Facility
  • A 400 KW Solar Thermal Test Facility at Tech

Waste Not, Want Not

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  • It All Started with Peanuts
  • Municipal Waste and Pyrolysis
  • Animal Wastes
  • Waste waters and Sewage Sludge
  • Synergistic Co-siting of Industrial Activities

Radar and Instrumentation Laboratory Brochure: 1983

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  • Millimeter Wave Technology
  • System Engineering
  • Signature Modification
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Surveillance and Tracking
  • Instrumentation Technology
  • Target Characterization
  • Target Detection
  • Radar System Development

EES Research Pamphlet

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Georgia Tech's Airborne Electronics Laboratory Pamphlet

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GTRI Electromagnetic Test Facility Brochure

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Advanced Transportation Technologies and Research Programs Brochure: 1994

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  • Poor Visibility Warning System
  • Radar Propagation Studies
  • Traffic Monitoring Accuracy
  • Signal Timing Improvement
  • Automated Highway System
  • Traffic Data Integration
  • Signal Timing Improvement
  • Automated Highway System
  • Traffic Data Integration
  • Adaptive Signal Control System
  • Geotechnical Engineering

GTRI Energy and Materials Sciences Laboratory Brochure: 1985

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  • Energy Conversion Technology
  • Waste Disposal Technology
  • Solar Thermal Research
  • Space and Defense
  • Materials Research and Development
  • Characterization of Materials
  • Molecular Sieve Zeolites