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Print Publications

The Research Engineer

The Research Engineer is one of the earliest existing publications produced by the State Engineering Experiment Station. It is a technical magazine that detailed early research such as “The Puzzling Role of Ionized Gases” and “TV’s Tiniest Show.” This archive contains issues published between January 1956 and October 1961. View >

News Releases

From improving UHF antennas to finding a “non-controversial” way to use marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma – research at the State Engineering Experiment Station/GTRI, has helped solve some of the world’s toughest problems. This archive contains news releases issued by EES/GTRI spanning a fifteen year period between January 11, 1978 and February 24, 1993. View >

EES Notes/Reports

EES Notes and EES Report were newsletters produced by the State Engineering Experiment Station, which were used to showcase research advances such as innovative millimeter radome designs and techniques for improving the air quality within hospitals. This archive includes a number of issues produced between December 30, 1969 and January, 1982. View >

Station News

Station News was a monthly publication produced for employees of the State Engineering Experiment Station. The newsletter was filled with interesting stories about EES research from the opening of the Radar “Eskimo Camp” in the Arctic Circle to the study of molten metal solidification in the absence of gravity. There are also many human interest stories featuring the people of EES. This archive contains many issues published between October 1972 and September 1984.  View >

GTRI Connector

The GTRI Connector was a newsletter produced by the Georgia Tech Research Institute for its employees. It contains interesting research features as well as fun stories about the people of GTRI. This archive contains issues published between October 1984 and August 1997. View >


The GTRInsider is a current publication of the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Designed for employees, retirees and friends of GTRI, the publication includes research highlights and features about GTRI people and activities. This archive includes issues produced between 2005 and 2008. View >

Annual Reports

Annual Reports produced by the State Engineering Experiment Station/Georgia Tech Research Institute provide some of the most detailed information about the research activities of the organization. Many feature color photography and easy-to-understand descriptions of EES/GTRI research programs. This archive includes select annual reports produced between 1955 and 2007. View >

Other Publications

Over the years, EES/GTRI has produced many different printed pieces used to promote research activities. This archive contains some of the historical brochures and booklets showcasing EES/GTRI capabilities - past and present. View >