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EES Station News: February-March, 1981
  • High-Technology Center Underway in Ireland
  • EES Wins Large DOE Award for Pyrolysis Work
EES Station News: November-December, 1980
  • Artech Donates Radar Books
  • Southcon/81 Electronics Show Opens On Jan.13
EES Station News: October, 1980
  • EES Advisors Chart Station's Future Course
  • Resource Labs are Recognized
  • MTC Holds First Workshop
EES Station News: September, 1980
  • Phase I Done at O'Keefe, EES Moves-In
  • CSTL & ETL Will Merge Into One Laboratory
  • Renfro Resigns, Dean Subs at OCA
  • RAIL Present 1979 Buoy Award
EES Station News: July, 1980
  • Fluidized Beds Could Solve Solar Storage Problem
  • EES Promotes Clean Water in Third World
EES Station News: June, 1980
  • Grace Wiltse & Dees Visit Electronic Labs in the Soviet Union
  • Staff Receives Honors, Presents Papers at Meetings
  • EEL Changes Due at End of FY80
  • EES Welcomes New Employees
EES Station News: April, 1980
  • Walton Helps Algeria With Solar Program
  • Electronics Convention Set for Southeast
  • Tech to be Seen on Arab TV
  • EES Engineers Study Cancer with EM Waves
EES Station News: February, 1980
  • President’s Gasohol Plan Needs Time, Says Economist
EES Station News: December, 1979
  • Georgia Tech/Gold Kist Energy Conserving Plant Opens Doors
  • Braille Computer System Opens Jobs for Visually Handicapped
  • Tech, Old Crows, and DoD Sponsor Electronics Courses
EES Station News: November, 1979
  • Energy Study Heats Up LaGrange
  • Tech Opens Doors in Philippines