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Research Horizons 1983
  • The Changing Face of Energy
Georgia Tech Whistle: January 15, 1979
  • Social Security Tax Increase
  • Leave Accrual Changes Made
  • Retirement Age Raised by Regents
  • News Bureau Seeks Speakers/Experts
  • Foreign Languages Offered to Faculty, Staff
Waste Not, Want Not
  • It All Started with Peanuts
  • Municipal Waste and Pyrolysis
  • Animal Wastes
  • Waste waters and Sewage Sludge
  • Synergistic Co-siting of Industrial Activities
Solar Energy Research
  • First International Solar Research
  • A Bench Model Solar Steam Generator
  • Tech's Model Solar Furnace
  • Thermal Storage Subsystem Research Experiment
  • Five Megawatt Solar Thermal Test Facility
  • A 400 KW Solar Thermal Test Facility at Tech
Provisions for Research Related to Health Sciences: The Georgia Tech Research Reactor
  • Neutron Therapy
  • Medical Advisory Committee
  • Description of the Reactor Facility