EES Notes

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Engineering Experiment Station Notes: Mar 31, 1971
  • Utilization of Peanut Hulls
  • High-Level Neutron Detectors
  • Miracode Information Retrieval System
  • Electronic Aids for Public Roadways: Vehicle Direction Detectors
  • Improvements in Optical Pyrometry
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: Jan 29, 1971
  • Mercury Pollution Studies at Tech
  • Physics Undergraduate Participate in Vacuum Experiments
  • Development of Resin-Reinforced Mold Materials
  • On the Detection Mechanism of Electric Fish and Eels
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: Dec 31, 1970
  • Protein Synthesis in Irradiated Food Poisoning Microorganisms
  • Southeastern Forging Market Study
  • Transient Heat Conduction
  • Transducer Research
  • Solid State Radar
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: Nov 2, 1970
  • Measurement of Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent at High Temperatures
  • Millimeter Radome Design Techniques
  • Directory of Scientific Resources in Georgia
  • Element Analysis with the Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Organization of Reference Materials for a Research Group
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: Sep 15, 1970
  • Thrombogenic Characteristics of Ceramics
  • Management and Technical Assistance Services
  • Quartz Crystal Resonators
  • Improvements in High-Frequency Radiolocation
  • Antenna Sidelobe Reduction
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: July 15, 1970
  • Analytical Techniques in Surface Physics
  • The Seismic Observatory
  • Georgia Tech’s State Technical Field Service
  • A New Numerically Controlled Milling Machine
  • Korad K-15 Laser
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: May 29, 1970
  • HF Radiolocation and Propagation Experiments During March 7 Solar Eclipse
  • Attapulgite and Montmorillonite Separation
  • Precision Crystallography and the Apatite Project
  • Retroflectance Photometric Range
  • Application of Solid-State Nuclear Track Detectors to Biologic Radioautography
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: April 30, 1970
  • Applied Nuclear Radiation Effects Studies
  • Molecular Science in Surface Coatings
  • The Office of Industrial Assistance
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: Feb 27, 1970
  • Water Pollution Control
  • Sea Clutter Studies
  • A Study of Insecticides
  • Application of Technology Transfer Techniques to Two Contrasting Industries
  • Advanced Technology Applications Center
Engineering Experiment Station Notes: Jan 30, 1970
  • Applications of the Reactor
  • Thermochemical Rate Studies on Slip-Cast Fused Silica
  • Improving the Air Quality within Hospitals
  • Advances in Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
  • Numerical Integration Methods for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations